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The Forte Experience


The process of making connections and building relationships.

These connections can provide you with advice and contacts.

Meet Your Hosts

Co-Creator & Host: Randall Monfiston

Randall Monfiston

The Chief Operating Officer. Randall deploys a more intimate approach to networking and professional engagement. Using this framework, he has successfully cultivated strong professional networks over the years.  Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Asbury Park, NJ. Randall  has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information and a Masters in Management/Finance. He served 21 years in the United States Navy and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer. Randall has over 15 years of experience leading teams, cumulatively 300 plus personnel while managing a portfolio of over $100 million.

Co-Creator & Host: Domenick Epps

Domenick Epps

The Chief Executive Officer.  Domenick has a very open, optimistic and extroverted networking approach.  He has never met a stranger and when you speak with him you would think you knew him all of your life.  Born and raised in the Saratoga community of Suffolk, Virginia Domenick is a graduate of Lakeland High School.  He started his first official business at the age of 17 years old and has over 18 years of real estate experience.  A successful licensed real estate broker in multiple states and accredited investor, Domenick has assisted many in creating passive income through real estate. With a portfolio of over $10 Million in real estate he is surely becoming a house hold name in the real estate space.

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            Mastertmind Panelist 

The Forte Mastermind will consist of industry leading experts. Learn and glean from how each of them have overcome hurdles to succeed in their respective industries. Cory Brim: Started as a bartender to owning his own full service catering company. Chris Hart: Took his sales experience at Apple to creating his own life insurance agency with over 30 agents under his mentorship. Shalonda Tillman, ESQ: Took her passion of law and helping those who would get overlooked in the legal system to owning two law firms. Pedro Perez: Took his passion of helping men heal spiritualy to owning his own male spa. G Coleman: Walked in her faith to opening not only a brick and mortar esthetician business, but also a luxury mobile esthetician extension of her business. Our panelist are looking forward to sharing all that they did to master their mind to succeed.


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" This was a well curated event. A perfect hybrid of a networking event and party. "

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The process of making connections and building relationships. These connections can provide you with advice and contacts.

Do you want to be in the room where these connections are being made? 


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